RELEASE: Cramer Continues to Fail the People of North Dakota

July 11th, 2013

Contact: Rania Batrice

Cramer Continues to Fail the People of North Dakota

Rep. Cramer Votes ‘Yea’ on Split Farm Bill, Puts Politics Over People

Bismarck, ND—The U.S. House separated the nutrition program from the farm bill today. After a narrow (216-208) vote for the stripped legislation, Dem-NPL Executive Director, Chad Oban, released the following statement:

“It’s a sad day not only for North Dakota family farmers and ranchers, but also for children and senior citizens in our state. Over *500 ag groups came out against this plan and expressed that the split will be detrimental to the passage of the farm bill. But once again, the arrogance of Kevin Cramer and his extreme colleagues have taken precedence over the people,” Oban stated.

“Rep. Collin Peterson, a ranking member on the House ag committee, as well as many Republicans publicly admonished this idea and clearly said this tactic will all but ensure that ‘*nothing passes.’ Governor Jack Dalrymple was among the Republicans who *urged Congress to bring forward the farm bill in it’s original form. But instead of leading the way for the good of the people, our Representative, Kevin Cramer, decided to follow the extreme and irresponsible pack. While Cramer and Republicans will want to pat themselves on the back for passing this bill, the reality is they have executed a strategy that tremendously weaken the possibility of a comprehensive farm bill passing out of both chambers. Our farmers and ranchers, our kids and our seniors deserve better.”


*National Farmers Union Press Release-07/02/13

*Rep. Collin Peterson (D-Minn) (statement to Forum News Service)-07/11/13

*Letter from Governors of North Dakota, South Dakota, and Minnesota urging Congress to pass bill in its original form-07/09/13


From: Dem-NPL News

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